Home of my 2001 BULLITT Mustang, Jack ROUSH Stage II Mustangs, and Ferrari 308 GTS
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Welcome To My Home Page
Welcome to my first attempt at building a webpage. I am dedicating this site to my passions, my 2001 Bullitt #01333, my Jack Roush Edition coupe and supercharged convertible, and my Ferrari 308 GTS. Please ignore its primitiveness and enjoy.
Updates and History for #01333
Here is a history of each car.

5/25/01 Bullitt is purchased from Salinas Valley Ford, Salinas California. Added K&N of course.

6/14/01 First mods added; BBK Long Tube Headers and BBK H-Pipe with MIL's. Dyno results on page 2

6/15/01 3.73:1 gears and chip to correct speedo. Another dyno session.

6/18/01 Second round of mods added BBK performance pulleys. Dyno results on page 2
BULLITT #01333
At 304 HP/347 TQ it's more than just a pretty face.

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Updates and History for Roush Stage II
Under construction :(

Jack ROUSH Edition Stage II Convertible - Supercharged
"Between a Road Car and a Race Car"
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